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Technological Externalities

Monday, December 12th, 2011

William Gibson on technological externalities:

We’re increasingly aware that our society is driven by these unpredictable uses we find for the products of our imagination.

This quote is from a wonderful interview you can find on the Paris Review. The interview is full of great quotable thoughts. This one in particular stuck out to me though. It seems that you could say the same thing about art, writing, rhetoric, etc. The creator’s intent ceases to be defining characteristic of a product once it is let loose in the world.

The Digital World: Interface Metaphors

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

A few weeks ago the iPad was released and has been the source of discussion, controversy and envy. Much of the buzz centers on Apple’s indifference to Flash content and Adobe’s outraged response. There is also much to read in regard to the direction that Apple has decided to take in the design of their applications. On Apple’s User Interface Guidelines Page they suggest, “Whenever possible, add a realistic, physical dimension to your application. The more true to life your application looks and behaves, the easier it is for people to understand how it works and the more they enjoy using it.” They exemplify what they mean with their own iPad apps. The calendar app looks like a tearaway desk calendar, the address book app looks like a rolodex, and the e-reader app looks like a hardcover book complete with page turning animations.


Noah’s Tool Belt: Instapaper

Friday, April 16th, 2010

This week in Noah’s Tool Belt I’m going to tell you about a tool I use everyday. It’s a free web based service with iPhone and iPad apps for mobile use. It is my most used app on both of Apple’s tablet devices. It addresses a problem most of us face using the internet. Over the course of the day I will see dozens of things I might want to read on the web, through RSS feeds, Twitter, or surfing. This wealth of potential reading is one of the wonders of the digital age but we haven’t been able to stretch time yet. I’ve got projects to finish, cheeseburgers to buy, and a toddler to chase. This is where Instapaper comes in.


    • A brand that speaks to the human side of organizational change

    • The creation of an avatar celebrates a company’s connection to their customers

    • An approach to layout provides the framework for a dialogue about design and architecture

    • Elevate the ordinary “hot chocolate” into a smooth and luxurious experience

    • Design helps a company initiate a proactive outreach program